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Julie G. Brooks

My name is Julie G. Brooks. I am a professional photographer who specializes in landscapes photography. I graduated from Claremont Divinity School and worked as a chaplain for almost 20 years. As part of my photography training, I took lessons with famous landscape photographers Tim Shields and Serge Ramelli, winners of landscape photography awards. In my opinion, they both are the best landscape photographers. Based in Phoenix, my work as an artist has led me to travel to unique places such as New England and Alaska.


About my work

Being a world landscape photographer has allowed me to see places I never thought I would go. While traveling, as an international landscape photographer, I took the opportunity to capture their wonders through my lens.


Photography is a way of capturing a moment, and when we refer to landscape photography, it is even more so. The place, the position of the clouds, the sun, or even how the background is arranged are some things that cannot be repeated, which makes it so special. My  Landscape photography not only has artistic purposes but also helps to preserve natural habitats and gives us a new perspective.


When you see any of the photos in my collections, you will not only see Landscape photography. You will see a feeling, an emotion. You will discover places through my lens, and you will take home a piece of my art, with which you can give a personalized touch to that place you call home. Photographic art offers the opportunity to bring out those forgotten or dormant emotions.

Why choose my photos?

My landscape photography work is the visible expression of what you need for your interior: peace and harmony. Through my landscapes photography collection, you will connect with a part of you that perhaps you thought was asleep.

Photography on the walls are havens of tranquility that provide us with pleasant sensations and moods. Also, landscape photography of a place you long to visit, or even if you have been there, will change your perspective every day. As much as a reminder or as a memory.

Although we can see it at every moment, the beauty of the world is not always so evident to us; it is for the simple fact that we no longer see it by dint of surrounding ourselves with it. However, the images that I have created with a click of my camera can retrieve with a click of your mouse. You can make them yours. I invite you to do so.

Coffee Museum in Guatemala_edited.jpg
Image by Alexander Shatov

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What Clients Say

"Julia, what an unexpected beautiful surprise. These are absolutely stunning. We will cherish them. Thank you very much."


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