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About Me

I've always had a camera close by, wherever I am. My early career as an economic development professional allowed me to travel a lot, and my camera was one of the first things I packed.


After 18 years, I went to graduate school, became an ordained minister, and worked as a chaplain, first in a hospice and then in a large hospital with a level 1 trauma center. During this 20-year career, my camera was only used on infrequent vacations. Some of them are shown here.


I retired from chaplaincy in 2018 and have since devoted my energy to becoming a professional photographer. I have taken over 150  professional photography online courses, always checking other photographers' websites for inspiration,   and have had some excellent mentors. I completed Tim Shields' Masterclass, who is, in my opinion, a digital photo pro, and am now enrolled in a Master of Photography with Serge Ramelli. Both Tim and Serge are certified professional photographers and have multi-page lists of awards they have won.

I recently traveled to Alaska, and here are photos from that trip. I have trips planned to Paris and Mexico to increase my photography portfolio.

My Philosophy

Although it may seem contradictory, I have always believed that serenity is the main condition for the strength of spirit. A calm and harmonious environment, both natural and man-made, provides us with an indispensable pause to return refreshed and renewed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

That is why my landscape photos are intended to be a relief from the tension that the simple fact of existing implies, but relief that does not mean rejection of the world; on the contrary, it gives us back the inner peace that makes us better human beings in the interaction with our fellow men.

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