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I have always loved photography. My goal is to pull the observer inside the picture to experience the joy I felt when I saw the scene through the lens of my camera. Live the emotions.



Our lives are hectic and we run ourselves ragged as we try to fit in more in one day what any sane person would attempt in five. When we come home, however, we need to set up our home to provide relief from the pace we set for ourselves. Many of us are setting up our first apartment, or our first home of our own and wonder why it doesn’t feel like the safe haven we are seeking.

Furniture gives us something to sit on or dine on, and we may have found some lamps we like. But the room still doesn’t have that personality we are looking for. It doesn’t express our mood, bring us to a happy place or a soothing comforting haven. Wall art provides those opportunities to express yourself to share the emotions your home evokes in you to those you care for. Bare walls reflect a bare soul.

You may have already done the big box store canvas behemoth, but now you don’t want something so in your face. I have some art in my own home that I bought in my 20s and 30s for $25-100, that I was surprised to learn are now worth thousands.

My photographs bring beauty and serenity to your home in a size that makes a statement but doesn’t get lost or jump out at you. All of my pieces are limited to 50 prints, so they will continue to appreciate in value, but are currently priced so you can start your art journey. The standard size of my photographs is 13x19 inches. They are double matted in colors that I carefully pick to make the photograph reflect the most beauty. They fit easily into a 18x24” frame. If you would like other sizes, contact me and we can discuss what may suit your needs.

I do my own photographing, my own photo printing and my own matting so that I can carefully control the quality that I present to you to share in your home.

Like most photographers, my camera is never far from my side, so check back for new updates.

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