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Can I get my picture framed?

We don't provide mats or frames. Your photo will arrive well wrapped, and you can decide at that time whether you want it framed or not. Canvas and metal are often placed on a wall without frames.

Can I get my photo printed on canvas?

Yes. We will send it to you wrapped on stretcher bars, which are often hugged up as is. You can also go to a frame store to have it framed.

What if I don’t like the finished product?

If there is a flaw in the product, it will be promptly replaced. If you decide you don't want that picture, I suggest giving it to a relative for a Christmas present. I cannot obtain it back from the fulfillment facility to send to another customer. They won't hold it there, either.

Where do you get your pictures?

I travel to each location and scout out where I want to take the best pictures to represent that location. I never use other photographers' photos.

I sometimes see similar pictures on other sites. Are these yours as well?

If they are sold under my name, then they are mine. I sell on several sites, but the pricing is the same on all of these sites. If it doesn't have my name connected with it, it is someone else's work. Keep in mind that multiple photographers can shoot the same areas. In so many shoots, the Taj Mahal, there are a set of feet painted on the sidewalk with the words, Photographers stand here for the best shot.

Can I get free shipping?

Of course, all our orders come with free shipping

How to get promotional codes?

Stay tuned for this information, announced on the website and social networks according to the discount season.

What is a wrapped canvas?

It is a print where the canvas is stretched over a support frame (usually wooden) and "wrapped" to secure the back.

How Do I Return A Print?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns, but you can always find a better use for it than just returning it.

What Are My Payment And Shipping Options?

For now, we only have PayPal available.

Can I Cancel My Order?

After completing the purchase, you will not be able to cancel the order.

Can I Request A Custom Size?

Of course, in the purchase tab you can choose the size of the canvas



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