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Famous Landscape Photographers

Updated: May 17, 2022

Landscape photography is an ever-evolving art form. Each landscape photographer famous has their unique way of capturing the world around them. From the sublime beauty of Victoria Falls to the rugged grandeur of the Dawn Wall, these photographers have a gift for taking us to some of the most amazing places on earth.

Each of them uses techniques, photographs parts of the world, and focuses on places in such a way that they make each job unique. That is how they manage to make this job unique, something beautiful, thus achieving a range of inspirations that anyone can access if they propose.

Here are 5 of the most influential landscape photographers of all time:

1. Ansel Adams

He was known for his black and white landscape photographs of Yosemite National Park in the United States. He is also the author of numerous books on photography, such as his trilogy of technical instruction manuals.

His images have become symbols of Anglo-America, many of them centered on Yosemite National Park. Ansel Adams fought to defend nature and its animals, landscapes being the main subject of his photographs.

2. Michael Kenna

He is a British photographer who lives in the United States.1 He is known for his black and white landscape photography with ethereal lighting achieved by photographing at dawn or night with long exposures of up to 10 hours. An interplay between the natural landscape and man-made structures can be captured in his photos.

His work is collected in more than twenty books. His works are in different art collections, such as the National Library of France, the National Gallery of Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

3. Mario Giacomelli

He was an Italian photographer who was part of the photographic group La Bussola in Venice.

In his photographic work, he used black and white photography that he revealed on paper with high contrast; his work is included in the Italian neorealist movement of that time.

One of his favorite subjects was landscapes, among which he included some made from the air or those made on his trip to Tibet and Ethiopia. Still, he also took photographs of animals, disabled people, or pilgrims to the Lourdes sanctuary.

Giacomelli's images are characterized by an intense tonal contrast, with some photographs where the existing tones are not much more than black and white.

4. Lois Conner

She is an American photographer. She is noted particularly for her platinum print landscapes photos that she produces with a 7" x 17" format banquet camera.

Conner was born in New York City in 1951and grew up in southern Pennsylvania.

She received her BFA in photography from the Pratt Institute. Her work is included in the Museum of Modern Art collections, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Sackler Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Australian National Gallery in Canberra, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the British Library.

Conner was awarded John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation grants in 1984 and 1985, allowing her to photograph in China. She was also the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and the Anonymous Was a Woman fellowship.

5. David Noton

He is a landscapephotographer with over 24 years of experience as a professional.

During his photographic career, Noton has traveled to just about every corner of the globe, except Antarctica. Born in Bedfordshire in 1957, David started exploring the world at a young age, moved to theUSA, and has won awards in Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 1985, 1989, and 1990 David’s pictures are published all over the world. He writes for media, including photographic magazines and websites.

All these personalities have traced a path, which may be challenging, but it will be worth it. Famous Landscape photographers are constantly growing. Knowing more about their work will help you compare it with your references and find inspiration in their work. Jump into this beautiful world of landscapes photography, which you won't regret.

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