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The Most Prestigious International Photography Awards For Landscape Photography

Photography is an art form with which one can share their vision with audiences worldwide. It's not surprising that so many international photographers strive for prestigious awards from respected organizations or groups in this industry! There are several international photography competitions happening across different countries every year - some large and established, like The World Press Photo contest. In contrast, others might be local or new but offer incredible opportunities.

The best international photography awards are highly prestigious and well-revered, not just by amateurs but also by professionals. These top-level contests honor the photographers' professional excellence, recognizing outstanding work in various categories. Among these standouts:

  • World Press Photo: awards the best in the category of photojournalism.

  • Pulitzer: Recognized worldwide, it is an award dedicated to the press with a category of "Best Press Photography."

  • World Press Photo: Another contest that, since 1955, rewards the best in the photojournalism category.

There are others more or less prominent, but in this article, we will focus on some special awards due to the category they cover: Landscape Photography, being this a branch of photography, as its name indicates, and these awards being among the most prestigious in the photographers' guild.

Here I leave you a list of 4 of the most important awards in this branch of photography.

Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA)

Fine Art Photography Awards is a contest with prizes of up to 3000-5000 USD; its participation is free. You only need to pay the registration fee. It has 20 categories. The Contest is open to everyone, both amateurs and professionals. Entries are welcome from any country in the world. An international panel of high-profile photographers will judge your work.

All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The entrant must be the sole copyright owner of all photographs entered and must have obtained permission from the persons featured in the entries (or their parents/guardians if children under the age of 16 are included). In addition, the entrant must not have broken any laws by taking their photos. The names and images of the winners will be published online.

Sony World Photography Awards

The open contest awards the most outstanding individual images in ten categories. The organizing country is England, and the Maximum Prize ups to 5,000 USD, a Sony Equipment, a Certification, an Exhibition, Trophy, and Promotion.

Photographers should note the category description when submitting their work. Judges look for good composition, creativity, and clear photography.

Participation in the Contest is free. The Contest is open to the public. A shortlist of up to fifteen photographers will be selected from each category, and category winners will be announced by April 2022; the overall winner will be announced in April 2022. Each entrant may submit up to three images for free. The submitted images can be entered in different categories, or all the photos can be entered in a single category. Judging will be based on the individual image and not on the series of images.

International Photography Awards – IPA

Top Prize ups to 10,000 USD and a Lucie Trophy, The IPA competition is open to any photographer 18 years of age or older from any country. The Organizing country is the USA. Requires registration fee.

You can enter your work in as many categories as you like. However, once the shipping fee is paid, you will not be able to edit, change, or add new categories.

MonoVisions Photography Awards

The MonoVision Photography Awards are an international open call for photographers who use the black and white medium to express their visual language. The aim is to discover the best monochrome photographers worldwide and give them the best chance to be recognized and awarded for their work. Grand Prize winners will receive the following:

– $3,000 cash for the Black and White Series of the Year.

– $2,000 cash for Black and White Photo of the Year.

– Individual Certificate.

– Digital Statue.

– Press coverage by our media partners.

The Awards are open to all photographers worldwide—entry Fees: Single Image: $20, Series of Images: $25.

The ND Awards / The Neutral Density Photography Awards

ND Awards aims to promote photography and photographers. The idea is to create new opportunities to present valuable work to audiences worldwide. Our goal is to build a place where photographers can showcase different points of view and thrive through competition. The winners of the Professional and Non-Professional sections will receive the titles: ND Photographer of the Year and ND Discovery of the Year and cash prizes.


Pro Grand Prize of the Year – $2,500

Non-Professional Grand Prize of the Year – $1,300

6 x Professional Category Winners – $500 each

5 x Non-Professional Category Winners – $300 each

These are some of the most important international competitions. All are excellent opportunities to make yourself known if you are starting in this world and being able to win a cash prize. In conclusion, win or lose, these contests are a way to broaden your photographic vision and create contacts in this world. I encourage you to participate.


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